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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Upper Body Quickie, 11 Miles, and Adventures with My Silly Boys

Yesterday, I may have cheated just a little on my rest day and done a quick upper body workout.  Don't worry, my legs were still fresh for today's long run.  Here's a look at the workout...

Lately I've really been loving quick, intense weightlifting workouts, especially since running has been occupying most of my fitness time.  It's a great way to maintain muscle.

After that quickie routine, and a couple of chores and lots of cuddles around the house, we headed off the the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary with some friends.  What a cool place!

That animal in the top right corner is an albino raccoon.  Underneath that is a panther and the bottom two photos are of Mason petting the snake.  His friend Danny helped him out the first time around.  After that he was ready to try on his own...sort of.  Colton wasn't too sure about touching the snake but he sure liked looking at it.  I'm hoping to take them back when it's cooler and we're able to enjoy it a bit more.  You can actually see the sweat on my shirt in that photo.  I thought it was supposed to be fall?!?!

We spent the rest of the afternoon around the house and since I messed up the boys' nap with our little field trip, we were planning to call it a very early night. I did manage to scarf down some delicious black bean and sweet potato enchiladas before calling it a night.  I will definitely be making that recipe again.  DELISH!  In my efforts to cut back on dairy, I topped it off with this very interesting "cheese."

I have mixed feelings on it but will definitely give it another try.

After some play time...

...and some bath time...

...I was happy to curl up in bed with a book at 7:30 knowing I had an 11 mile running waiting for me in the morning.

This morning came bright and early and after a quick cup of coffee and a banana, the boys and I hit the road for our 11 mile trek.

It was a great morning for a run!

This view never gets old!  I love watching the sun come up on the water.  We live in paradise.

We spent the rest of the morning lounging and playing by the pool.  I did finally convince them to come inside for lunch and found them waiting patiently at the wrong table.  Look how good they're sitting though.  I decided to let them eat there after all.  Too cute to resist.

The pleasantness didn't last for long though.  They got ahold of the broom and couldn't find a way to share.  I hope when they get older they want to help me clean as much as they did today.   


They're finally napping and I'm regaining my sanity after a crazy trip to Target.  Note to self--shopping for wine with cranky boys is kind of like shopping for groceries when you're hungry.  You end up buying more than you "need."  Oh well!  I'm happy to report this household has a brand new wine cube for me to enjoy.  

Happy Weekend!

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