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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Bug and An Intriguing Parenting Resource

Yowza!  The last 36 hours are pretty much a blur...I got hit with one heck of a stomach bug on Saturday night and am still recovering from it but definitely on the mend.  Nothing like a little unhealthy episode to help your appreciate your health.  Wow!  Thank goodness for friends who were able to step in and help me out.  I don't think I would have survived without all of you--you know who you are!  I think these little guys are helping tremendously too...
Now that I'm kind of back in the land of the living, I'm hoping to slowly ease back into my exercise.  Based on the scale reading of a 5 pound weight loss in 1 day, I'm pretty sure I'm depleted and need to take it easy until I'm back to my fighting weight, for lack of a better term.  I'm a little sidelined by this bump in my half-marathon training plan but am hugely grateful that I got my long run in before it hit me.

In the mean time, I was able to hear a great presentation by Ginny Luther today at MOPS.  Her conscious discipline approach, which she presents using Becky Bailey's methods, is so intriguing to me.  Conscious Discipline teaches that "the only person you can change is yourself, relationship governs behavior, and conflict is opportunity rather than the traditional approach which teaches I can control others, rules govern behavior and conflict is disruptive."  What a concept!  I am definitely going to be attending more of her workshops and getting the book she recommended...

I love how Ginny Luther speaks from experience and a desire to help kids to be their best without punishments, rewards, or guilt.  What a concept, huh?  Like I said, I'm intrigued. You can check her out on her website.  I can't wait to learn more.  I could probably even use some of the techniques on myself...Like she says, becoming aware of your own thoughts and feelings is a major accomplishment.  If you can consciously regulate yourself, then you can access brilliance.  In order to do that, you have to be aware and accepting of emotions.

If I combine The Happiness Project techniques with some of these concepts, who knows what could happen.  The possibilites are endless...LOL!

Off to continue my road to recovery...

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