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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

The past 24 hours have been pretty wonderful thanks to the following things...

Exhibit A:  My children

You can't help but smile when you look at them.  They are getting to be quite the chatterboxes and never cease to keep me on my toes.  I love these little boogers.

Exhibit B: SunWarrior Protein

I was out of this stuff for a while and finally got more.  Protein smoothies are back on the menu!

Exhibit C:  3 mile runs

3 miles seems so easy and short at this point in my half marathon training.  It was actually nice outside this morning for my run with the boys as well.  Check out my running buddies...

I couldn't ask for a better training team.  They are such troopers. 

Exhibit D:  It's Produce Day

I got to sort all of this beautiful produce.  The highlight of my share today was this baby kale.  You better believe I put it in my smoothie.  Super foods rock!  I'm pretty excited about my leeks and raspberries too...and the pears, and kiwis, and apples, and romaine.  Anyways...

Exhibit E:  Vacuuming

I have the best little "helpers."  They helped clean up all the broccoli bits after we sorted the produce.

Exhibit F:  Mango

Our cat is funny.  This is how he sleeps.  Doesn't it look like he's dead?  It never gets old.

And finally, Exhibit G:

I know this is completely random and a completely unflattering pregnancy photo, but there is an explanation for it's inclusion into this photo dump...

I was chatting with a friend about how big I got when I was pregnant with the boys and I told her I had some good beached whale pictures she had to see.  I am not about to post those photos on the internet, but I did come across this one also and it made me smile because it reminded me of how far I have come.  I am so proud of my body and so thankful to God for all he has allowed my body to do.  How I was able to carry those two boys inside of me is beyond my understanding.  14 1/2 pounds of baby is ALOT!  When I get frustrated that my belly isn't as flat as I would like it to be, I have to remember all it has done for me.  It's pretty darn amazing.  I definitely earned my "jelly belly."  God is good!

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