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Friday, October 12, 2012

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Have I ever mentioned how awesome my friends are? They never cease to amaze me with their kindness, generosity, and support.  I continue to be blown away by all the wonderful people God has placed in my life right when I need them.  He really knows what he's doing.  

Today is a rest day on my half-marathon training plan and I have rested to the fullest.  I lazed around and drank 2 cups of coffee while playing with my kiddos this morning.  We munched on some delicious organic raspberries and whole wheat bagels.  

They might have been the best raspberries I've ever eaten.  YUM!  

The boys even allowed me to read a bit of the paper as long I let them look at part of it too.  They chose the sports section so they could find all of the balls.

The boys managed to have some fun in the bathroom too while we enjoyed our roaming breakfast...  

You were caught red-handed, Mason!  I'm actually surprised it has taken them this long to figure out that they can have so much fun with a roll of toilet paper.

After breakfast, I got completely pampered by a friend who watched my kids while I enjoyed a salted caramel frappuccino on the beach with another friend.  Can you say bliss?  We got 2 hours of uninterrupted adult conversation in the most gorgeous setting imaginable on arguably the most beautiful day we've had this fall.  We even saw dolphins!  Life is GOOD!

After a quick lunch for myself (baby kale topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, and a veggie burger along with some baby carrots and hummus) and some books and snuggling with the boys, it was nap time.  They must have played hard with their friend this morning because they have slept over 2 hours already.  While they're napping, I've been able to squeeze in a quick upper body workout and was even able to FINALLY finish cleaning out my closet and dresser.  Like Gretchen Rubin noted in The Happiness Project, it sure does feel good to be able to see the back of your closet and have an empty shelf.  How freeing!  That's another nagging task checked off the list.

The upper body workout I completed looked like this...

It took only 18 1/2 minutes to complete and had my arms shaking by the end.  Success!

I'm hoping to do a little of this tonight...

FaceTime is the best!  I'm also hoping to hit up Publix before putting on some comfy clothes and enjoying some pizza with my boys.  We have this one in the freezer...

I've had success with pizza as a pre-run meal.  I'm hoping it works for tomorrow's 12 mile run.  It's my last long run before the half marathon.  

Happy Friday!

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