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Monday, October 22, 2012

She's Here!!!!!!!

The moment I've been waiting for for the last three weeks is finally here.  My sister arrived yesterday I am in HEAVEN!  I've got a wine drinking buddy and another set of hands for the boys.  Yippee!  I'm already feeling spoiled and she hasn't even been here for 24 hours yet.

Last night we enjoyed a yummy butternut squash and caramelized onion pizza with some yummy red wine and we just finished making a zucchini and spinach lasagna to enjoy for dinner tonight.  YUM!    I hope ours looks this good when we dig into it.

I'm so happy she loves produce as much as I do!!

I went to a wonderful MOPS meeting this morning while Abigail entertained the boys.  It was so great to be able to chat with other moms and learn some tidbits about their lives before kids.  There were some good stories!  It made me come home and dig through old dating's some good ones of the goatee I spoke about...

Supporting me at breast cancer fundraiser back in my "3 Day" days.

Posing on his first trip to my favorite city, Chicago.

At his first Cubs came.  LOVE Wrigley field.  
We also got to discuss our book study book as well.  Rahab was one interesting, faithful woman and I'm looking forward to seeing what Ruth has in store for us in the next novela.

I've also been reading Becky Bailey's I Love You Rituals book, thanks to Ginny Luther's recommendation.  It has some wonderful tips for helping parents to maintain a good bond with their children.

I hope my other book club book is a good, quick read;  I've got my work cut out for me this month.

Today kicks off the Best Body Fitness Boot Camp.  Today is supposed to be a rest day from running on my half marathon training plan so I'm just going to stick to the upper body portion and do light weights for my legs.  This 8 week challenge overlaps my half-marathon training by one week so I'll have to make some adaptations for just a bit this week.  Oh well!  I can't believe the race is 6 days away.  I'm actually really ready for it to be over.  Almost there... I am definitely looking forward to changing things up a bit with this new book camp.  

I'll leave you with this verse that really hit home for me this morning as we discussed our book...

Trust God!  He knows what he's doing and his plan is SOOO much better than ours.  

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