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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Party Day

It was a BEAUTIFUL out night last night, so I decided to take the boys on a walk down to the river.  They love watching for boats.  Too bad we only saw two, but we did spot a jumping fish that was pretty cool.

The fresh air must have worn them out, because this is what I found when I went to tuck them in...

It used to be that Colton who threw everything into Mason's bed but now Mason gives all the goods to Colton.  They really do flip-flop all the time.  I slept equally as good and was ready to hit the road this morning for my easy 5 mile taper run.  After a month of long runs on Saturdays, today's run felt like a breeze.

We met up with some friends after my run to participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk but only lasted about 2 miles before I knew I had tortured the boys enough and decided to take the shortcut home.  We got desperate and split a zone bar I had brought along...

2 1/2 hours in the stroller is LOOONG enough.  They were happy to stretch their legs and play while I ate a yummy breakfast of roasted green beans topped with dippy eggs.  I got the idea from PBFingers and it was delicious.  The runny yolks make a yummy sauce for the beans.

Then it was time to head off to a party.  Our twin friends celebrated their first birthday with a festive Halloween-themed party.  We had a great time!

Mason found a holster he enjoyed wearing but their favorite piece of entertainment was the storage box.  Those boys are strong enough to push each other in it.  They had a blast!  Hope we didn't give any of the other kids any crazy ideas...woops!  What can I say, I've got some busy boys.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

As I was checking my emails once I got the boys down from their naps, I stumbled upon this little nugget from

She has a brutally honest blog post today that I think most of us married folks can relate to.  Marriage isn't always easy but I think some people expect it to be.  It's reassuring to know everyone has their struggles and obstacles, even when they're not visible to those of us on the outside.  You just have to remember you're a team.

On that note...go let your your significant other know how much you love them.

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