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Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 miles, an Upper Body Workout and a Silly Spider

It was so great to get out last night for book club, thanks in big part to our fantastic babysitters who took care of my kiddos.  I enjoy some wine and a delicious salmon salad at The Gafford, a new restaurant downtown.  It's a cozy little place!  We had fun catching up and discussing The Happiness Project.  Our next pick is from a COMPLETELY different genre but I'm equally excited to read something somewhat mindless and entertaining.  We chose LA Fadeaway by Jordan Okun.

Feel free to join me on my reading adventure and let me know what you think.

I slept like a baby once I crawled into bed and awoke ready to hit the road for my little 3 mile run with the boys this morning.

I'm loving the cooler weather and so are the boys.  We made some special deliveries along our route to keep the neighborhood booing alive...

Since my mileage was low today, I still had some energy for an upper body workout so I tackled the following routine...

I love me some supersets.  This was a good one, if I may say so myself.  It actually didn't make me any sweatier than usual, but I was super sweaty from my run when I completed it, hence the name.  Hope you can work up a sweat doing it if you give it a try.

We've spent the rest of our morning goofing around and especially enjoying this giant spider, compliments of our babysitters last night.

It's pretty funny to see them petting and playing with it along with their bats and snakes.  100% boys! They love it!

Time to sort the produce...It's Annie's Organic Buying Club day!!!!

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