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Friday, October 19, 2012

Loving Me Some Friday

Today is a rest day from running so we started our morning nice and lazily.  The boys munched on some grapes and string cheese, their breakfast preference of the week, while I downed a yummy smoothie alongside my morning coffee.

Into the smoothie went...

  • 1 scoop Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup mixed frozen berries
  • 2 giant handfuls of spinach
  • 1 T dark cocoa powder 
  • Enough almond milk to make it drinkable
This is by far one of my favorite vegan breakfasts.  It stuck with me through a very busy morning, which is a major selling point for my breakfasts as well.

While I was blending up my smoothie, check out what was going on in the guest bedroom...

They couldn't get enough of checking themselves out in the mirror wearing their big boy pants.  Now if we could just get them to pee in the potty instead of in the big boy steps!

Once we got dressed, it was time to head to the library for the Family Place.  The boys had a riot this morning.

I could not get enough of Colton's roaring while riding the lion toy.  TOO FUNNY!  Love that kid!  I think Mason has a bright as a daredevil while Colton might dapple in some form of entertainment.  He's such a ham.  It's either that or mail delivery.  He sure does like the toy mailboxes.  Time will tell...

We managed to squeeze in a trip to the gym so I could read on the elliptical while the boys played some more and also had time for a quick run through Publix before heading home for lunch and naps.  I'm trying to finish my R.A. Dickey novel... I can start our new book club selection.

Thank goodness I'm caught up on my reading for the MOPS book study which is on Monday.  Phew!

It's such a scandalous book;  those Bible women were wild!  I don't know who was more intriguing, Tamar or Rahab?!?!  I'm looking forward to chatting about it and continuing on to Ruth's story.  There's lots to learn.

I think it's my turn to bring the snack, so I plan on bringing some of these...


Tis the season...

It's also butternut squash season and I made a yummy soup with some last night.  It was actually a recipe from the Biggest Loser and it was super yummy.  I'm looking forward to enjoying the leftovers tonight.

It's taper time for my half marathon training so tomorrow just calls for an easy 5 mile run.  It's a nice little break before the big race.  Time to be good to my body so it can show me what it's made of next weekend.

Have a great Friday.  Get outside a move!

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