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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Windy Day at The Beach and Some Fitness Updates

Whenever I have company in town, I jump at the chance to go to the beach with an extra set of eyes to watch the boys.  I'm pretty sure my company doesn't mind getting taken to the beach.  Yesterday was especially fun for the boys with all the wind from Hurricane Sandy.  There was hardly anyone there and we enjoyed the wide-open sand.  

Gotta love living in Florida!  Even a windy day at the beach is still a good one, in my opinion.  I try to never forget how wonderful it is to live in the sunshine state.

This week has been VERY easy in terms of exercise, since the half marathon is just 3 days away now.  I am getting anxious and excited for it.  My mileage has been very low this week as I taper until Sunday morning.

Tuesday's run was just 4 miles...

Yesterday the plan called for 30 minutes of easy running.  It would have been easier without the wind blowing the stroller all around but I'll be stroller-free on race day.  

Today's plan is to complete 2 miles and also do a little strength training in order to not completely neglect the best body bootcamp training plan which kicked of on Monday.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then I just run for 20 minutes on Saturday.  Easy peasy!  I'm in the home stretch.

It's produce day so I'm off to prep for that.  I'm getting a pumpkin today and planning to make a pumpkin and honeycrisp apple soup with it.  YUM!

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