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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Potties, True Friends, and Other Randomness

Last night's Girl's Night Out at Quench Your Palette was a blast even though my fellow painters found my achilles heel.  I am SOO not good with a paintbrush.  Oh well, at least it made for some good laughs.  Thanks to Jenn for helping me so my finished product didn't look like a complete disaster.  I did find out that we have some very artistically talented ladies in our MOPS group.  I am in awe of their paintbrush wielding skills.  My husband, an artist himself, did compliment me on my shading of the sky, but he also thought my enormous shell was a beach towel.  I think I have to hang it up somewhere just so I can laugh every time I see it.  Too funny!

These ladies are awesome.  I'm hoping to paint one of those wineglasses you see in the background the next time I go there.  It seems more up my alley since they use stencils.  Tracing is definitely in my comfort zone.  Free hand conch shells definitely aren't!

While I was out with friends, the boys had a good time being silly with Daddy.

I curled up in bed with The Happiness Project and a cup of tea when I got home. I cannot get enough of that book.  Last night's portion dealt with marriage.  I've got some ideas of things I can work on, like not expecting praise but being more intentional about praising my husband.  It's a good read so far.  I stumbled upon the author's website and found some great resources there as well.  Check it out.

My body is getting used to my early morning wake-ups and I found myself awake without the assistance of my alarm or children at 5:30.  My boys had plans to sleep in a little which gave me time to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up on my e-mail, etc. before hitting the road with them for my five mile run.  Mickey joined us again for our run this morning.  Lucky me!  For some reason this morning the stroller felt extra heavy and I felt extra tired but we managed to stick to the plan and eek out 5 miles in just under 47 minutes.  Worse things have happened but I'm happy that run is behind me.

I love the MapMyRun App but would love an app that shows me my splits for my miles.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I'm cheap and don't like to pay for my apps...

Check out this beautiful sky that greeted us on the way out the door for our run this morning.  It was even better in person.  

After our run it was go time. We scarfed down breakfast and squeezed in quick showers before Mickey went to work and I headed to MOPS at TC3.  It's always good to see those lovely ladies and get such great support.  We had a speaker discuss friendship and taking the plunge into forming new freindships.  It's like dating all over again trying to find other mom friends.  Thank goodness for MOPS.  It's such a good resource for making friends.  She also asked us to think about what kind of friend we are and whether we're someone we'd want to be friends with.  You really do have to be intentional in your friendships in order for them to work.  It's important to recognize that what you need in a friend may not be the kind of friend you need to be.  She had some good insights!  I want to be a real rather than a simple friend--the one who helps the hostess with the party rather than just showing up with the wine.  What kind of friend do you want to be?

We had to leave MOPS a little early so we could catch our last potty class today.  I feel ready to tackle this potty training monster head on.  Now I just need to decide when to go cold turkey.  I'm convinced that's the only way it's going to work for my boys.  They thrive on consistency.  I started thinking today that maybe the reason that people are waiting longer and longer potty train is because it interrupts our lives and the things we want to do.  I've only played around with it for a couple of days and have seen how time-consuming and taxing it can become, but we all have to do it sooner or later so I'm shooting for sooner.  Pray for me!  Haha

The boys are finally napping and I'm hoping to catch up on some reading that has to be done by Monday for my Hobe Sound MOPS group in between loads of laundry.

I hope it's as much of a page turner as my other book is since I'm feeling a little overcommitted right now. This too shall pass.

Just a couple more hours until we get to go to dinner with the boys' "adopted grandparents" and hopefully I'll still have time to relax on the couch with my husband before calling it a night.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

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