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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What a Fun Day!

My day got a little nutty after my post yesterday but things got a lot later on in the evening.  We had a yummy dinner of roast chicken, a tomato salad with balsamic and blue cheese and a corn muffin...almost the same thing as what I delivered to my friends who had their baby on Saturday.  It was YUMMY!  This tomato salad is one of our favorites to make, especially when we have heirloom tomatoes from our produce buying club.

We just slice a tomato, sprinkle it with salt and pepper, sprinkle on some blue cheese and then top it with balsamic.  We add red onion when we have it, too.  It's so yummy! I'm going to miss summer tomatoes.  They're just not the same during the rest of the year.

After baths and bedtime for the boys, I talked Mickey into a quick 12 minute workout since I never got around to working my upper body yesterday.  Don't worry, we were still able to kick our own butts with this short but intense workout.  

I used the seconds interval timer app that I downloaded for free on my Ipad to keep track of my intervals.  I love this app!  Check it out if you work out using intervals.  My friend Gena mentioned a Pandora Workout that sounded like a good one too.  You only rest during commercials and workout during the songs.  Sounds like a good way to entertain and challenge yourself.  Might have to try that one out sometime soon since I love Pandora.  Thanks to Scott, I'm quickly becoming a fan of Songza though too.  It's an even better internet radio app in my opinion.  Check that one out too!

We finished up our night by watching Friends with Benefits.  It was quirky and funny.  I stayed awake for the whole thing so it must have been good.  It was the perfect ending to my Monday.  

This morning started bright and early with some coffee and reading while I waited for the boys to wake up.  I am loving The Happiness Project.  It's one of those books where I'm taking notes while reading it because I want to remember all the good ideas.  Today's segment dealt mostly with organizing.  I especially loved the idea of going through your house as if you were moving and getting rid of everything that you wouldn't pack up to take with you.  I have always said moving is the best way to keep from accumulating too much junk.  I guess if you're not moving, pretend like you are every couple of years and weed out all the junk.  It really does help to feel like you have a handle on your stuff.  You guessed it, I made a list of all the areas of my house that I need to go through.  I'm actually looking forward to it.

Once the boys were up we hit the road for my 40 min tempo run.  Mickey even joined in on the action.   I started out a little slow to warm up on the first mile but kicked it in for the middle 3 miles and then cooled down for the last half mile or so. I can't say I enjoyed every minute of it, but I was happy with myself when it was over.  These faster, more uncomfortable runs are the ones that are going to help me improve my speed so I'm kicking my comfort zone to the curb a couple of times a week in hopes of getting that PR I want in my half marathon at the end of October.  

After squeezing in a shower, getting the boys ready, and scarfing down breakfast, it was time to head to story time.  We read a couple of great books this morning...

I was so proud of how well everyone was able to listen to Hogwash.  It was longer than most of the books I read but the great rhymes kept everyone's attention so well.   The kids are so cute and make me smile every Tuesday.  Some of them have some really great dance moves.  It's so nice to see some new faces each week which tells me the word is still spreading.  I think we had 15+ kids there this morning.  Keep em coming!  

After Story Time, we packed up and headed to Family Place which took place at the Environmental Studies Center today.  What a cool place we have here in Martin County!  I am SO glad I took the boys.  I'm also glad that Jenny and Lisa were there to help me with my two very curious boys.  

They loved all the turtles, fish, crabs and alligators and were so brave.  Mason was so cute at the "turtle party" when he said "Hi Turtle."  Those boys are talking more and more each day.  I love it!

The fun didn't end there.  I got home in time to challenge a friend with a killer resistance band workout and even got a playdate with her granddaughter while she worked out.  It's not hard to believe that the boys have crashed and burned now that lunchtime is over and the busyness of the day is behind us.  

Now it's time for me to take a shower, do a little tutoring, and cook dinner before I get to go to my MOPS Girls Night tonight.  Hopefully I'm not too terrible at the painting project we have planned.  I tend to struggle with art projects that involve paintbrushes.  At least I know we'll have fun.

Make it a great day--do something "just for you" today!

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