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Monday, September 3, 2012

Up and At Em

Even though it's a holiday, I decided to tackle my workout as early as possible this morning to get it out of the way, leaving the rest of the day free for family time and more activities like these...

My husband is a great photographer by the way.  These photos are his handiwork.  They had so much for drinking water from the hose and splashing each other.  Don't worry, it's a hose designed for drinking out of when camping.  It's safe.  (I asked!)

We raised the basketball goal a couple of days ago and they are loving it even more now that it's more difficult.  In fact, I think it's time to raise it even more so they can give the ball even more air. Check out these ballers.  

My workout today was another cross training one.  I love running but I also love mixing things up a bit and today, I succeeded at keeping myself interested and helping the time fly by.  It was the butt-kicking workout I was looking for...short and sweet too!

I began with one easy mile on the elliptical, followed by another mile where alternated 20 second sprints with 10 second recoveries.  I finished up with a moderately challenging mile before tackling one round of each of the following routines:

Found here.

I liked the concept of both of these routines, and liked the exercises, but did find myself frustrating with having to keep looking to see what was next.  I like simply organized circuits that are easy to remember so you can maintain your rhythm instead of stopping to check and see what to do next.  Something more like this...

 Which kind of workouts do you prefer?  

The rest of today is dedicated to family time.  We're hoping to squeeze in a bike ride, some pool time, and some yummy food.  I'm thinking about trying these out...

I found the idea here.  

Like my favorite front desk guy told me at the gym this morning, "Enjoy the day now.  You've earned it!"  Here's to enjoying this Labor Day holiday.

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