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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Upper Body Giant Sets and A Great Read

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit under the weather but I tried to muscle through a run anyways...between the heat and the scratchy throat, I ended my run frustrated and exhausted.  I'm still glad I did it but was very glad when it was over.

We did finish our run in time to clean up and make it to story time at the library, where the boys were MUCH more interested in the wagon in the corner of the room than the songs and stories.  I'm thinking I need to find a gymnastics class for the boys so they can get out all their crazy climbing antics.  Has anyone tried the Tiny Tots program at the YMCA Sportsworld?  I just found out about it this morning and am quite intrigued.

When we got home, the boys and I attempted to make a vegan carrot was delicious, but the presentation was not so hot so I'll save the photos for after I've perfected it a bit so it doesn't look like one of my boys diapers...GROSS!

The boys took a solid nap which allowed me some time to rest and get some laundry done.  Phew!  After nap time we were ready for the pool, only to discover that a storm had rolled in.  We opted for play time in the living room to kill time before Daddy got home.  The boys did allow me to squeeze in an upper body workout as long as I kept the kiddie tunes blaring and the ball rolling.

My workout consisted of 3 giant sets, circuits of multiple exercises with no rest until the whole circuit is completed.  I completed each giant set 3 times.  I did 10 reps with heavy weights (20 lb dumbbells for the chest and back, 15 lbs for everything else) for the first giant set.  For the second giant set, I completed 12 reps with a moderately heavy weight (15 lb dumbbells for chest and back, 10 pounders for everything else) and the third set used moderately light weights (10 pounds for chest and back and 8 pounds for everything else) for 15 reps.  It was a good workout.

I finished out the workout with 3 sets of 15 push-ups (barely squeaked out the last set) alternating with 3 one minute planks (had to take a break on the last plank too as I had toddlers trying to climb me which definitely makes for a more challenging workout.)   

We finished up the day with bacon-wrapped pork chops with BBQ sauce.   I'm not Vegan yet, haha!  On the side we had roasted broccoli and BBQ potatoes, simply made by tossing potato wedges with a dressing of 3 parts BBQ sauce to 1 part olive oil  and some pepper before roasting for about 40 minutes at 375 degrees.  They were yummy!  For dessert, we threw 2 frozen bananas, a splash of almond milk and some peanut butter  in the Ninja blender for vegan fro-yo.  At least we had vegan dessert, right?  all I can say is YUM!

I borrowed this photo from Hog Blog since I forgot to take a photo and they helped me out with the recipe.  It did really look just about like this and I ate every last bite.

A little time on the couch before heading to bed to read until I fell asleep rounded out the day.  I'm loving this book...

It's a light-hearted easy read that I am surprised by how much I relate to it.  I love Rachel Bertsche's style and highly recommend you check her out.  She has a pretty great name by the way.  What are you reading these days??

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