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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Random Life

Wednesday wasn't anything spectacular, but I did fit in a little Shaun T in the form of Insanity while the boys napped. I went with Pure Cardio and Cardio Recovery.  Phew!  My muscles are ready for a break today so that's exactly what I'm giving them.  I might do a little easy elliptical work later today but nothing more than that.  I'll go back to beating my body up again tomorrow.

In other fitness news, I did sign up for the Halloween Half Marathon and my training plan starts Monday.  I even got a friend to sign up with me and I'm super excited about training for it and hoping to work hard enough to get a PR.  I'm planning to train with the stroller but then race without it.  Hope my plan works...  If you're local and interested, you can sign up here.    My training plan as of now looks like this...  


1CT35 min tempo4 mi3 miRest7 mi EASYCT
2CT5 x 400 IWRest4 mi race paceRest7 mi EASYCT
3CT35 min tempo5 mi3 mi race paceRest8 mi EASYCT
4CT6 x 400 IW5 mi4 mi race pace2 miles EZRest CT
5CT40 min tempo5 mi4 mi race paceRest9 mi EASYCT
6CT6 x 400 IW6 mi3 mi race paceRest10 mi EASYCT
7CT45 min tempo5 mi4 mi race paceRest11 mi EASYREST
8CT7 x 400 IW5 mi3 mi race paceRest12 mi EASYCT
9CT45 min tempoRest3 mi race paceRest5 mi EASYCT
10Rest4 mi30 minutes 10K pace2 miRest20 minutesRace Day!

CT = Cross Train (For me that's either biking or the elliptical.)

Sundays will probably be elliptical or beach cruiser days and Mondays will hopefully be spin classes.  This is a FLEXIBLE schedule!  The main thing I want to focus on is running 4 times a week, with one of those runs being a LONG run and one of them being intervals because I really want to work on improving my speed.  The stroller should help with strength as well.  

Enough workout talk...I've been playing around with a site called PicMonkey.  SO fun!  I made this little collage of my cuties.  (I also created those nifty surfboard backgrounds for my last 2 workouts using it.)  Yesterday, the boys wanted to help me vacuum...Mason clearly wanted to help more than Colton and threw a fit so Colton gave in and let him have it all to himself.  He was one happy kid vacuuming the floor for Mommy.  I'm hoping to make them think housework is cool so eventually they'll help out. 

All that cleaning must have worn them out because they slept like logs.  Colton has become a big fan of sleeping with his lion.  So cute!  Love those little boogers.

While I'm showing off photos, here's another one.  The boys took their first music class today...

They were very interested in the piano but the rest of the instruction was really great as well.  I'm hoping we can afford to go to more classes.  I got to learn some sign language to use with them as well.  It was great all around.

We've had some yummy food lately but my favorite thing right now is this smoothie:

I make this yummy GREEN SMOOTHIE by blending the following together in my Ninja:
          • 1 handful spinach
          • 1 heaping tablespoon brown rice protein
          • 1 cup strawberries
          • 1/2 a banana
          • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
          • 1 tablespoon PB2
          • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
          • 1 cup ice cubes

It really is divine.  Right now I'm loving SunWarrior protein as I'm trying to get away from animal products and it is a vegan, raw protein powder that's quite tasty.  In other words, its not as chalky as the others I've tried.  It is more expensive though...
I guess that's enough randomness for one post.  Hope you're having a great day!

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