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Friday, August 17, 2012

Boredom Buster Upper Body Workout

I feel like I've been in a kind of rut with my workouts so I've been trying to change things up a bit in order to hopefully get me excited about working out again rather than just going through the motions.  Signing up for the half-marathon at the end of October was the first step.  I am already excited to start my training plan for that on Monday.  I am really hoping to PR in the race and that should help keep me focused.

We got in a nice family run this morning and I also came up with a new upper body workout that kept my interest this morning. It focused on the back and chest, the fat-burners as Jackie Warner calls them, but didn't neglect the arms completely.  It looked like this:

Some friends of ours are getting married this weekend so I'm not sure how much working out I'll get in, but I hope to squeeze in a quick run or two if nothing else.  A weekend of with a little rest wouldn't be too terrible either, especially since it's go time on Monday.  

I can't leave you without pictures of the boys and their crazy antics.  Colton's favorite thing to do these days is to climb on top of Mason.  Needless to say, Mason doesn't love it as much, but it does make for a cute picture every once in a while.

Happy weekend everyone.  Make it great!

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