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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pet Store Adventures

Don't know what it is about today but I am having a hard time getting motivated...guess I have a case of the "Wednesdays."  In case you're thinking that means I've just sat around the house all day, I'll enlighten you with today's events...toddlers don't let you have a lazy day.

We woke up at 6:30 and headed out for a run just shy of 5 miles. My training plan called for 4 miles but my MapMyRun app wasn't working.  Long story told me I ran 4.71 miles is 2 minutes 46 seconds. (I wish!)  It also said I only burned 115 calories on said run.  (Not even close.  Have you pushed this heavy stroller up bridges?  Surely I burned at least 200...haha)  I think the app had a case of the Wednesdays as well.  When I can home and entered it manually, the distance was correct at least, and I figure it took me about 41 minutes...  Good enough.  Day 3 of half-marathon training done.

We had a yummy egg sandwich breakfast, vacuumed up the boys' crumbs which turned into vacuuming most of the house, threw in a load of laundry, checked some e-mails, did our other usual morning stuff (diaper changes, picking out clothing, filling juice cups, more diaper changes, grabbing snacks just in case, chugging coffee...) before heading out to run some errands.

Boy, did we had some fun at the pet store this morning.  I had planned to just grab some cat food quickly but the ferrets at the entrance caught the boys' attention so we turned our quick errand into a little field trip in the rodent and fish departments of PetCo.  What a great way to spend an hour!

We can go see all the rodents they want at the pet store, but they are NEVER coming in our house.  They are limited to cats, one at a time, from now on!

We also had time to swing into Publix for some neccessities: bananas and beer!  We picked up some BOGO vegetables and some stamps too to save a trip to the post office.  I was thrilled to see they had some of our favorites on clearance...

Can you see those prices?  Get it while it's hot people!  That's a 12 pack for the price of 3 or 4 beers at a bar.  I had to resist buying the whole cart load...just kidding...kind of.  It's half-marathon training season--gotta carb up!

We had some good friends stop by for a visit and enjoyed puzzles, books, tractors and Subway subs.  Fun times!  It's always good to spend time with quality people.

My next mission of the day involves folding the laundry that has been sitting in the dryer for a couple of hours...remember the part where I told you I was feeling unmotivated today?  I've also got a haircut tonight and some tilapia begging to be cooked up cajun style with a big yummy salad.  I'm thinking of going a little bold with the hair...we'll see.  I definitely need a change, just not one that's labor-intensive.  Any input?  

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