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Friday, March 23, 2012

Running Errands

I am so lucky to live in a small town where many of the places I frequent are within 3 miles of my house.   I am also very blessed to live in the sunshine state which makes getting out for walks and runs with my kiddos a daily activity on a year-round basis.  Thankfully, my kids LOVE to be outside and LOVE riding in their stroller which makes getting out a breeze!  As my boys have gotten more active, so have I, and it has been fun coming up with creative ways to multitask and keep up their growing interests and my evolving fitness.  One of my latest tricks is to literally RUN errands. I put the boys in the stroller and run to the bank, then run accross the street to the drugstore.  I can pop in the grocery store if needed and even hit up the park for the boys to run off some of their own steam along the way.  The post office and downtown are all within running distance as well.  The other day, I got in a 5 mile run, playtime at the park, a letter to the post office, a deposit to the bank, and a prescription picked up all in the same outing.  Oh, and did I mention the boys nap fantastically in the stroller?  It kept us all engaged as we hopped from one place to another, seeing lots of different things, gave me a workout and the boys some rest which left us all ready to conquer the rest of our day.  If it's feasible for you, especially with springtime in the air and most of the country experiencing some better weather, I encourage you to load up the stroller (if you've got kids) and lace up your running shoes rather than hop in the car to run your errands.  Let me know what you think...

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