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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mind Your Mojo and Run

There must have been something about this beautiful sunny day in JANUARY and my two favorite boys dressed in their superhero t-shirts that put a pep in my step and helped me turn my planned 7 mile walk into a 7 mile run, which included going over two bridges on the way out and climbing over them again on the return trip.  It was definitely challenging but also quite exhilarating.  Although it's not necessarily my longest run with the stroller, and 10 minute miles certainly are NOT my fastest, it was by far the most difficult run I've done in a LONG time in regards to the bridges and the wind which made the stroller feel like a sail being pushed against the wind.  I felt like a rockstar and have been living on that high ever since. 

Lesson I was reminded of today: Seize the moment when it comes to your fitness!  Listen to your body and follow it's lead.  If you're feeling up to a long run, even if it's not "long run day" and you've got the time to do it, go for it!  Maybe on your scheduled long run day you can work of some speedwork or hill repeats.  Let your workout plan be flexible.  Give your body what it needs.  If it needs a good long run, as my body apparently did, run your little heart out.  If your body can't take another step and you've been working it to the bone, give it some TLC with a day off.  Let your conscience be your guide and carry on.  Make every workout the best it can be.

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