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Monday, January 9, 2012

Case of the Mondays Takes a Turn for the Better

This morning I woke up not feeling so hot--scratchy throat, achy joints, bit of a headache, etc. I must be getting what the boys are dealing with. I decided to forgo my planned run and curl up with the boys and coffee instead. I ate some breakfast, took some cold medicine, drank a bunch of water and decided to go for a slow jog just to get some fresh air and to get the boys out of the house. I'm not sure what happened, but somehow, once I got going, I felt like I could have run forever. Maybe it was the slower pace, or the beautiful weather, or how peacefully my boys were sleeping in their stroller while I pushed them along, but whatever it was, I was happy to have the surge of energy as I completed my longest run ever with the jogging stroller--9 miles! Not too shabby for a day when I woke up feeling like I may be taking the day off. I felt like SuperMom and could have gone even longer but had run out of water and I don't last long these days without water. It's a nursing girl's best friend.

After I got home and downed 2 big glasses of water, I went ahead and completed my abs routine while I was still sweaty before jumping in the shower. Today my routine conisted of the following:

25 alternating heel taps on my back
1 minute high plank
20 cat poses
20 glute bridges
1 minute of alternating knees-in planks
2 x 15 stability ball roll-outs
2 x 15 stability ball plank tucks
1 minute low plank
50 fast squats
10 knees fall-outs on each side

I'd say today's case of the Mondays turned out to be a great workout day after all. What did you do today to make yourself proud?


  1. After hours (yes hours) of contemplating whether I should work out or not, I did it! While it wasn't the greatest workout of my life, I have to say it took away the depression that was making me see everything through a fog. I feel like the fog has lifted and I'm finally seeing this beautiful day! It's amazing what a little extra blood flow to the brain can do. Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel!

  2. It's always nice to get some perspective after a good sweat session. Way to go!