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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to the Grindstone

After a rocky night of sleep due to 2 fussy boys and plumetting temps giving me the chills, I did not follow through with my original plan to go the gym this morning but instead opted to have a relaxed morning with my babies and my husband, enjoying coffee and then breakfast with the crew. It was back to the grindstone for the man of the house at 8:30 am which left me and the boys back to being on our own until Daddy visits us for lunch. What to do with the day? I have a list of things I hope to accomplish today but I'm getting a slow start on them as I'm feeling a bit under the weather and seriously unmotivated. We'll see if I can muddle up some energy from somewhere. I was, however, able to squeeze in a workout while the boys played in their new playpen right next to me. It's nice to not have them crawling under my feet while I try to work out and they seem to love playing together in their playpen. Hope it lasts! I'll have to remember not to overuse it and hopefully it won't lose its charm. Today's workout consisted of Day 2 of Jillian Michael's Making the Cut plan. I had to make a couple of modifications since I was not at the gym but it turned out ok. I used resistance bands instead of the cable machine, running with high knees instead of incline runs, and I had to modify the abs moves to include my healing exercises for diastasis recti rather than the crunches her workout called for. The mountain climbers, step ups, and running really got my heart pumping. All in all I feel it was a good workout and look forward to repeating it in a couple of days. It's great to know I can still get my workouts in even if I don't make it to the gym. Mickey made me a delicious breakfast this morning which included black-eyed peas, a leftover pork chops, a few scrambled eggs, and a scooped out bagel. It was YUMMY! After my workout and shower, I was feeling hungry again so I ate a little of a chicken pasta salad I had thrown together a couple of days ago which included a honey mustard dressing. It was yummy. Meatless Mondays lead to meat-filled Tuesdays apparently! Oh well. This girl needs her protein.

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