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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

20 Minute Leg-Core-Plyo Circuit

This morning I knew I wanted to do a workout that targeted my legs and my core.  I also knew I only had about 20 minutes to complete it.  I came up with the following circuit and was quite happy with the outcome.  My heart rate was elevated, my legs were burning, and I was all hot and sweaty--signs of a good workout. I did the following exercises for a minute each, with no rest in between each exercise. 

  • Squats with dumbbells
  • Deadlifts with dumbbells
  • Alternate heel drops on  back
  • Jumping jacks
  • Lunges with dumbbells
  • Sumo Squats with dumbbells
  • High plank with alternate arm and leg lifts
  • Running in place with high knees
  • Glute bridge
  • Reverse plank pulses
  • Low plank alternating knees in and out, mountain climber style
  • Running in place kicking butt
  • Squats with dumbbells
  • Side to side skater lunges with one dumbbell
  • High plank with leg lifts, 10 at a time each leg
  • Jump rope (with or without actual rope)
  • Curtsey squats
  • Front-loaded squats with heels elevated on dumbbells or a step
  • Up-down planks
  • Burpees
That's it; you're done.  I couldn't believe how quickly the 20 minutes flew by.   I rounded out my exercise for the day with a with a 3 mile run WITHOUT the stroller.  I couldn't believe how much lighter and quicker I felt.  Still love jogging with the boys though and not gonna give it up any time soon.

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