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Friday, January 13, 2012

Arms and Core and Plyometrics, Oh My!

Yesterday was one of those days where there wasn't really all that much going on, but the day got away from me nonetheless.  I found myself at 3:00 realizing I hadn't accomplished much that day other than taking the boys to the doctor, eating, and playing around in the kitchen so it was time to get motivated.  I turned to my workout binder for a little inspiration and stumbled upon a jump rope circuit I had printed off of another blog I love reading and decided to give it a try.  I changed it a bit from her directions in that I didn't take the 30 second breaks in between each exercise so instead of it taking me 30 minutes, I was able to finish in 20.  It was a good sweat session.   Here is the workout I took from pbfingers blog:
Jump rope circuit

Upon completion of that part of my workout, I was ready to fire up my arms and core.   I did a heavy chest/back workout earlier in the week so I decided to take this workout a little eaiser and completed the whole routine with 8 pound dumbbells.  I did arms, core, and plyometric moves circuit-training style, doingeach exercise for a minute each with no rest in between.  I loved how just when my arms felt like they couldn't take any more, it was time to move on to my core, and when it started screaming, I could switch to some plyometrics before hitting up each targeted area again.  Time flew and the workout felt great.  It looked like this:

  • hammer curls
  • up-down plank
  • jump squats
  • tricep kickbacks
  • plank with in and out knees
  • bear crawl
  • overhead press
  • heel drops on back
  • skaters 
  • chest renegades on mat
  • knee fallouts
  • upright mountain climbers / army march with dumbbells
  • bent over renegades
  • plank with leg raises
  • box jumps
  • cross-body bicep curls
  • plank rows
  • overhead tricep extensions
  • ball roll out on forearms
  • cross jabs with dumbbells
  • arnold press
  • pushups
  • dumbbell chest flyes with leg drops
  • wide rows
My day went from ho-hum, lazy dazy to very productive thanks to getting my body moving which helped me to feel more energized.  Give it a try the next time you're feeling a little lazy and see if it doesn't put a pep in your step for the rest of the day.  You won't be disappointed.  Today I'm getting my workout in earlier to hopefully feel the effects the rest of the day. 

Today's plan:
  • 10 minutes of various squats and lunges to hopefully give my mommy butt some lift
  • 10 minutes of core exercises to keep working on my mommy gut
  • EASY 4 mile run to get my heart pumping and my lungs chugging some gorgeous fresh air
I saw this on pinterest yesterday and HAD to share.  I love it!  I printed it and hung it in my kitchen.

Pinned Image

Fitness is a CONSTANT work in progress. You never "arrive."  You always have room to improve and grow.  Keep progressing!  Make it a great day!
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