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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Settling In Again

Yesterday started off with a pretty gloomy morning which meant no story!  It also meant, extra time to enjoy coffee with my 3 favorite guys...yay!!

Yesterday was also "back to music class" for us.  It was so wonderful to be back with Miss Rabe.  We adore her!!

I am looking forward to a fantastic semester with her.  If you're local and haven't already, you MUST check her out for your kids.  What a treasure we have in our community!!  She's the whole, enthusiasm, patience, loving guidance, praise, FUN, etc.  I think I love her classes just as much as my boys do.  

We followed up music class with a stop at the gym.  It's fun to have my man working out beside me!!  I hope that becomes a regular thing.

After our busy morning, we stayed put at home for the rest of the day.  Good stuff!

We finished up our evening watching a movie...

Funny stuff, I tell ya!!

This morning kicked off bright and early with a run for me and the boys...

Colton has decided he's not a fan of the camera...

They make 6 miles look so easy...haha!

While we got our fresh air and exercise, Mickey tackled fixing the lawn I destroyed while he was away...


He said that after a year living in the desert, he was more than ready for some green grass and couldn't wait to get it done.  Thanks to his mad yard skills, our yard is looking awesome again.  Woohoo!  The boys had fun watching him.  I hope they were taking notes for the!

Time for some more family time and a couple of errands.  Counting my blessings big time!!

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