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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making the Cut Day 1, Take 2

Another cold night last night and a sick baby snuggled up beside me gave me a good excuse to sleep in as long as possible this morning before bee-lining it to the coffee pot to get me going with my day.  This morning included a trip to the pediatrician for the boys 9 month old check up.  I was happy to get them checked out as well since they've been dealing with a yucky cold for the past couple of days.  Looks like it just needs to run its course. Thankfully they seem to be on the mend.  It's no fun to see your childeren miserable. 

My boys are the kings of car nappers and they gave me the luxury of continuing to nap in the car after we got home for an additional hour.  I was able to prop the doors open and do my workout in the front yard right next to the driveway while they slept sung in their car seats.  It's not often that I can squeeze in a home workout with both of them sleeping.  God must have known I needed the break.  Thank you!

This morning's workout was a repeat of day 1 of the Making the Cut workout by Jillian Michaels.  I have decided to do her workouts every other day and do my regular workouts on the alternate days so I don't have to abandon my regular routine completely.  Her workout consists of 5 circuits, each repeated 2 times through without rest in between the 2 rounds, then 30 seconds rest in between each new circuit.  It's a toughie but a goodie :-)  This was my second time through the routine and I have to say it flowed a bit better this time since I was familiar with the routine.  I thoroughly enjoyed my workout today. 

It went like this:

Circuit 1:
Dumbbell presses on body ball - 20
Dumbbell flyes on body ball with cruch - 15 light
Squats - 50
1 minute sprint

Circuit 2:
Plank- 10 sec
Close grip push ups - 5
Side plank with inner thigh raise - 10
Plank - 5 sec
Close grip push ups - 5
Other side plank with inner thigh raise - 10
Burpees - 10
Sumo Squat - 20
1 minute sprint

Circuit 3:
frog Push-Ups - 20
Squat thrusts - 20
Hold squat - 30 secons
W shoulder press with leg extenion - 10 each leg
1 minute jump rope

Circuit 4:
Bench Dip - 20
Rope tricep presses to fatigue (I substituted tricep kickbacks)
Lunges with lateral shoulder raises - 10 each leg
Mountain climbers - 1 minute
Boat pose - 30 sec ( I substituted plank roll out due to diastasis recti)

Circuit 5:
Jump rope - 1 minute
Bicycle crunches - 50 (I substituted my MuTu system exercises)
Extended plank - 30 seconds

I was good and sweaty by the end and ready for lunch.  Give it a try and see what you think.  Let me know how it goes. 

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