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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Staying Dry

It's been fun around here in Plankerville these last couple of days. I feel like we spend most of our time trying to stay dry, either dry by avoiding the rain, or by trying to avoid sweating when not exercising.  Neither kind of wet is fun for very long if you ask me.  

Tuesday didn't really go as planned, but we made it fun nonetheless.  My regularly scheduled early morning run fell through at the last minute but since the weather was a bit cooler, I decided to head out with my other running buddies, the kind that ride in the stroller :-).  We decided to multitask and spent our morning on foot, tackling our to-do list for the day.  Our first stop was story time for some fun with our adorable little friends.  The featured stories were...

...I gotta say, Jane Simmons writes some cute stories.  What's not to love about adorable ducks who do things toddlers can relate to?

Our next stop was the library where we had some fun restocking our stash and playing on the computer a bit.  We always manage to have a great time when we're there.

We made one more stop at the Fresh Market for some Tuesday specials...chicken and chocolate are our top picks this month :-)  When we headed back outside, I immediately regretted not keeping an eye on the weather while we were out and about.  We raced the storm and won, (who knew I could run a 7 minute while pushing that beast of a stroller?)  getting to our front door just as it began to pour.  Lesson learned I'd say.  Whoopsies!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful after that...fine by me!  And we all slept well that night... how I caught Mason sleeping with a pillow over his head while Colton snored right next to him.  So funny!

Wednesday we did our usual produce thing and all this deliciousness passed through our house en route to lots of organic-loving families...

...I always love getting my produce drawers restocked for the week.  Yum!  

We also managed so squeeze in a park play date that morning, as well as a killer PiYo workout.  I love how it continues to be challenging even as I get better at it.  I can't believe it took me so long to do consistent flexibility and balance work.  And the fact that I can multitask and work on my strength while I'm at it makes me love it that much more.  It's the perfect compliment to running.  (Shameless plug...if you're interested in trying it out, I just happen to be a Beachbody coach and can help make that happen for you.  I'd love for you to see what I've been raving about!)

We finished up our Wednesday with a fun Story Time...

...followed by some luscious wine in the courtyard while listening to the accordion tunes.   We finally got a day with no rain...just lots of lovely summer heat.  Is it fall yet??

Today got started on the right foot with an excellent 7 mile run with my non-stroller running buddy.  Afterwards, we had big plans to finally hit up one of the summer movies that everyone raves about.  I was having such a hard time finding ones that were rated G and showing on days when we were available.  We finally succeeded today...

...Rio 2 completely captivated the boys, and me :-), and we had a fantastic morning beating the summer heat.  We made sure to pop in Whole Foods while we were down there...who can resist??  I wonder what the checkout worker thought of me as she rung up my purchase of wine, almond milk, eggs, coffee, nuts, chocolate and olives...obvious staples for a mom of two 3 year olds, right?!

We headed home for lunch and just beat the storms again.  We've been doing the books and lunch thing lately around here.   After reading a story that had a monster in it, we got a little carried away pretending we were a three-headed monster...

...the friendly kind, of course :-)  Selfies always lead to more selfies in this house when the boys are involved.  As a result,  I've got some two-headed monster pictures to share with you as well...

...Happy Thursday!!!

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