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Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Hot Productive Day

WOW!  Summer is here and it's blazing hot these days which means if it's between the hours of 10 and 5 and we're not in a pool, we're probably entertaining ourselves in some A/C.  Don't worry, it doesn't mean we're lazy and don't do anything all day, although that does happen from time to time :-), our routine just changes a bit to adapt to the heat and humidity...

Instead of running at nap time, I'm back to running early in the mornings.  It's usually hard to drag myself out of bed initially, but knowing I'm meeting my friend and getting my workout done early definitely helps motivate me along.  We tackled the bridges this morning and it was a great, sweaty start to the day. 

After a shower and some shakeology (today's version was chocolate Shakeology with my leftover half cup of cold coffee, a tablespoon of almond butter, and and almond milk...delish) it was time to seize the day on the home-front.  

The boys and I did our usual morning thing...I read books while they eat, then they get dressed and we head out for the day.  Today, we headed out to Music class.  After a few weeks away, it was great to see Miss Rabe again.  We adore her!!!   We made our usual cookie stop at Importico's after music class.   I tried to drink as much coffee as possible while the boys nibbled festive star cookies.   I may or may not have just devoured the boys' leftovers...YUM!!  

Then we headed home for some artistic fun...

...thanks Pinterest for the holiday inspiration.  We had fun!!

The A/C guy kept us entertained with his chemicals and ladders while he was here too.  Thank goodness for people who know how to fix those things.  

Once he wrapped up his repairs, we headed off for some fun with friends at the bowling alley.  The black lights and disco balls made for some terrible pictures.  Oh well...we had a blast and that's what matters.  

Now we're recharging our batteries with naps for the boys and quiet time for me...aka uninterrupted chores and a chance to sit at the computer for a bit.  :-)  I prepped some zoodles for dinner too...

...should make for a quick, easy dinner when we're ready.  I'll just saute them quick, then we'll top them with marinara and serve them alongside some blackened cod.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  

 Looking forward to some more cousin time this evening...

...we can't get enough of these guys.  Love them!

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