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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gloomy Thursday

Hello from Plankerville on this gloomy day.  Things got started off on the right foot with an early morning T25 workout.  Today's feature was Rip't Circuit...'s up there on my list of favorite workouts from Shaun T's T25 plan with its nice mix of weights and cardio.  The one-legged burpees are pretty fun too!  

I wanted a bit more cardio this morning so we also took a quick run to the grocery store to grab some goodies.  I stocked up with the goodies from this week's Fresh Market Thursday meal deal while I was there...

I love their monthly ideas, especially last month's Mexican deal.  I'm hoping this one is just as delicious.  We also picked up a dark chocolate bar I can't wait to enjoy with my little chocolate monster boys tonight.  YUM!!!

Our next stop was music class.  The pirate theme was a huge hit and a perfect way to pass the time as the rain rolled in.   The rain was also the perfect excuse to stop at the bakery for some cookies for the boys and coffee for me...I'll be honest, I had a couple of bites of the cookies too :-)  

We passed the rest of the rainy morning with a quick stop in Walgreens before heading home for some painting...

Cute, huh??  Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration.

We also had some good old fashioned Viking fun...

and played legos, the current toy of choice these days.  I've gotta get a photo of their next creation.  They're pretty creative.

 The dryer just buzzed so it's back to the grind for me.  Maybe if I fold fast I can finish with time left over to read before the boys get up...'s a good one folks.  Can't wait to see how it ends.  

Speaking of books, we had some good ones at Story Time last night...

...have I mentioned I love that little gig??  Those kiddos are incredibly fun to spend my Wednesday evenings with.  


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