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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Building, Pirate Parties, the Beach, and More

Our weekend began with this little discovery in our front yard...

...someone bashed our mailbox.  Mickey says not to take it personally, but I have a hard time not being angry about it.  I don't get vandalism AT ALL.  I can't wrap my brain around finding fun in destroying other people's property.  GRRR!!!  

Life goes on though, and we headed off for a fun building project before that unplanned repair project.  This month's crane hook game was a fun one at Lowes...

...The boys pretend their finger is a crane hook all the time when they pick things up so they thought a real crane hook was pretty darn cool.  

After our project we had some time to kill before a little birthday party so we tackled some errands at the mall.  Holy cow is that easier with Mickey along.  It was actually kind of

Once everything was checked off the list, we headed over to the children's museum for a friend's birthday party.  Needless to say, we had a blast... 


...needless to say, we had a blast at the pirate-themed bash at such a fun place.  

The rest of our day was pretty low in a little P90X3, played outside, made homemade pizzas and watched a movie.  Bliss!

Sunday kicked off with church before heading over to the Empty Bowls project at St. Marys.  If you missed it this year, you must check it out next year.  It's such a fantastic event with all proceeds supporting local soup kitchens and you get to bring home a handmade artisan bowl too.  Good stuff.

After devouring some yummy soup, we headed down south for the rest of the morning.  We hit up a new to me store...

...where I resisted buying everything in sight and stuck to the plan other than a little impulsive shirt purchase.  That store is great for accessorizing any occasion.  I am a HUGE fan and can't believe this was the first time I'd been there.

Then it was off to the beach in Jupiter until the rain chased us off.  Bummer!  

The boys passed out in the car on the way home...

so we drove around for a bit and then finally hit up Duffy's for a very late lunch in a very sunny spot outside... rain up in Stuart.  Maybe we should have gone to the beach there.  Oh was a fun day regardless.  I love our family time on the weekends.  It recharges me for the week and I need all the recharging I can get.    

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