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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Taking Daddy to the Park...and on A Date

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving having our family back together again??  We had such a fantastic day yesterday.  It started off with a family run to the park to show Dad all our favorite things...

...and Dad showed us a few things about tree climbing too...

It was pretty darn fantastic!

We came home to a leisurely, yummy breakfast and got to FaceTime with lots of family before nap time.  

Once the boys were up, it was time for them to head off to hang out with some friends while Mickey and I got to enjoy our first date night with just the two of us since he's been was GLORIOUS!

I love my man and am SO incredibly glad he's home!!  After some wings, pizza and wine...and lots of good conversation and people watching...we headed back to pick up our boys who had been thoroughly entertained and loved as well.  Thank God for family and friends!!

The lovely family time continued today as the boys slept in which forced us to have a leisurely morning  before heading out for the late service at church.  It was great to worship with my husband by my side again.  We ran some errands after church before heading home.  Leftover pizza made for a yummy lunch!

Before we knew it, it was nap time.  Mickey headed to the yard, which looks like a resort again after just a week of his incredible green thumb, while I tackled this booty pump workout's good one if you're looking for a good lower body burn. 

With some serious thunder going on outside, it appears to be the perfect night for a family movie with my three favorite people while enjoying the ceviche Mickey threw together this afternoon...YUM!  I'm off...

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