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Monday, June 17, 2013

Things are Looking Up

Here are just a few of the things that happened over the past couple of days that are putting a little pep in my step...
  • I got to have a spa day with girlfriends which included a massage, mineral pools and 4 hours poolside.  I'll spare you the photos of me in a robe or a swimsuit :-)  It was glorious!!  
  • My boys had a fun-filled day while I was at the spa compliments of more amazing friends.  It's the longest I've ever been away from them and it was great being able to relax and not worry.  They were in GREAT hands...including this amazing dog :-)
  • My yard got a complete clean-up compliments of a wonderful friend while I was at the spa--everything is trimmed and a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders!
  • We got have some really yummy food and fellowship at a friend's Father's Fay celebration.
  • We all got LOTS of sleep.
  • We all had LOTS of fun in the sun...the boys are starting to love swimming again, thank goodness!

  • Wake-up times and FaceTime chats didn't coordinate well with church times so I watched the church service I missed last week from my church's website while the boys played and I lifted weights.  It's nice to have a back-up plan when getting out the door just doesn't work out on Sunday morning.
  • I finished this fun, easy was entertaining.
  • I am still going strong on my Whole30 experiment.  I'm on day 21 now and feeling great!!  I've been having lots of eggs, fresh salads, avocados and berries.  Today's salad was a new one...spicy olives mix, tuna, avocado, a fresh tomato, and sundried tomatoes in olive oil all on top of romaine--DELISH!!!!!  I had some lovely apricots today as well.  
  • We had a relaxing start to our morning before heading to the gym.  I split my hour between the stepmill, elliptical, and treadmill--all cardio since I had done full-body weights yesterday.  It felt good to sweat and get started on my book club book, And the Mountains Echoed,  which has a very interesting start...

  • My biopsies both came back benign so I can rest easy again.  Darn moles!!!
  • Oh...and our pool timer is FINALLY fixed compliments of yet another wonderful friend.  I don't have to remember to go out there and flip the switch twice a day...yay!

I seriously feel like I'm myself again and I definitely didn't feel remotely like myself last week.  I am so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life who have been my support system these past months.  What would I do without you???  It takes a village and I think I've got the best village in the world.  Hopefully I don't slide down that slippery slope I got caught on last week ever again, but if I do, it sure feels good to know I have friends I can count on if I do.  God is good!!!!!!!

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