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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spa Day Bliss and A Song

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing day I got to have today.   My friend and I had an amazing morning at PGA National Spa where I had a sports massage, most definitely the best massage I've ever had, and a lavender bliss pedicure, by far the best pedicure I've ever received.   I went with red polish--it is the season of love after all.

 We also got to enjoy lunch poolside seated on this fun lounge...

I wish I had room for one in my yard.  It was fabulous!  We totally felt like divas for the day.  It was HEAVENLY!  I'm already saving up for my next visit.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Don Deyo who watched the boys, along with his own daughter for over 5 hours.  They are the picture of loving and supportive friends.  I continue to be blown away by the kindness they show to me and my family.

Speaking of amazing friends, thanks to all of you who have encouraged me, brought me meals, shared cocktails with me, helped out with my children, helped with my yard, encouraged me, etc.  I could go on and on and on.  There's no way I would be surviving this chapter of my life without my friends.  It takes a village and I think I have the best village in the world!

There's no way I was going to ruin my relaxed state with a workout, so the boys and I spent the rest of the day cuddling, playing trains, and enjoying the gorgeous day.  The boys were fabulous entertainment on our walk.  Check out their musical skills...

Life is good and I am INCREDIBLY blessed with amazing family, friends, and an amazing God.  

Time to catch up on The Bachelor and do my tummy exercises.  I've been slacking the last couple of days...woops!

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