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Friday, February 22, 2013

All Kinds of Play

What a busy, fun last couple of days.  Yesterday kicked off with a run, followed by another yoga class from Reflexion Yoga's website.  This time I tried the other core workout with Ben.  I preferred the instruction of Kyle's class yesterday but I was once again impressed with the FREE workouts on the site.  Today I tried out the balance class with Matt.  I'm starting to see why people get so hooked on yoga.  I'm so glad I discovered  this site so I can explore this new to me world of Yoga a bit more from the comfort of my own home.  Now I just need to find a longer mat for my tall self.

Since I'm a stick-to-the-plan kind of gal and like to follow through on my commitments, I also did a modification of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp workout for today.  I was NOT a fan of today's workout since it was WAY too redundant for my taste, which is why I changed it up.  I did eek out the 120 burpees though with my navel to my spine the whole time.  Thank goodness my core is coming around and my workouts can return to somewhat normal.

Yesterday was also produce day and our group continues to grow.  Check out all these boxes I got to sort and distribute yesterday...

I'm super excited about the berries and blood oranges as well as the sunflower sprouts.  YUM YUM!  

While I sorted the produce, the boys entertained themselves with puzzles, boxes and wooden spoons...silly boys!

I was able to get the new toy box built during nap time.  I'm a much happier momma when things are much as trucks, balls, and trains can be organized.

I worked a little last night for a catering company and the boys had a hard time falling asleep with the babysitter.  I spent about two hours cuddling Mason, trying not to get annoyed but to treasure the moment since it won't last forever.  Easier said that done most times for me when it's the end of the day.    He sure does love to cuddle though and does a darn good job of it.  

Needless to say I wasn't feeling too energetic this morning.  Nothing two cups of coffee and a long chat with my husband couldn't fix though.    Then we were off to a play group I had heard about at the Civic Center in Port Saint Lucie.   How cute are my passengers?  

I thought it was for toddlers but it was definitely structured for preschool-aged kids, or kids who are at least able to pay attention for extended periods of time.   Thank goodness the leaders didn't give us a hard time for not being engaged by their activities   We sure did enjoy their toys though....

Notice everyone in the circle in the background doing what they were supposed to do.  Oh well, we'll try again in a few months.  It definitely was a great program and completely worth the $2 admission.  

The boys are going to be dribbling before we know it.  They can get 2-3 dribbles consistently and are very determined and focused when it comes to mastering that skill at least.  

We swung by target and had some fun with the toys there while stocking up on some necessities.  I tried to get the boys to choose these frog eyes as their gift with their valentines day money....

...but they chose some matchbox airplanes instead.  Which they have been playing with nonstop since we got them.  They shared their lunch with them (their new favorite thing to do with any kind of figurine)  and are even sleeping with them as we speak.   And yes, this is the 2nd time they've worn their Thomas the Train shirts this week.  I did laundry yesterday so they were ready for wearing again and the boys never pass up an opportunity to choose their Thomas shirts.  We've gotten our money's worth from those shirts already without a doubt.  

Off to do some more reading before the boys get up...

It keeps getting better and better.  It's definitely a must read if you happen to spend any time with the male species, which I'm assuming 99.9% of us do.  Have a lovely weekend!


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