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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just an Ordinary Wednesday

Don't get me wrong, Indiana was great, but we are SOOO happy to be home.  The boys thrive on routine and are happily back to theirs.  Now that they're finally in their own beds again, they're catching up on the sleep they missed out on while they were on vacation.  I love it when they sleep til 8:30.  Keep it up boys!

We had a pretty lazy morning before finally getting our butts in gear and heading to the gym.  In sticking to my mission to repair my diastasis, I'm on a 2 month hiatus from running but can still do the elliptical and can walk to my little heart's content.  Careful weight lifting is approved as well.  After 2 weeks away from the gym, it was nice to be back.  Since I had lifted weights at home while the gym was closed yesterday, today I caught up on some reading while I clocked 6 miles on the elliptical.  My current read is...

I am loving it so far.  Two different story lines are currently merging and it's fun to watch the story unfold.  

On our way home from the gym, we swung by Starbucks so I could get my first free coffee of the month thanks to this handy dandy mug my sister hooked me up with...

For the whole month of January, coffee from Starbucks is free with this mug.  SCORE!

We also made a quick stop my the Property Appraiser's office for what I thought would be a quick drop off of some paperwork but turned into a sit-down meeting to fill out some forms.  Next time I'll leave the boys at home.  God bless the lovely lady who was patient with the tree of us while we took care of business.

We made it home in time for a yummy lunch.  The boys love the comforts of home for meal times as well it seems.  They have been eating machines since we returned...

They devoured five chicken nuggets each, some dried cranberries and a mandarin orange...right after snacking on some crackers and fruit leather in the car.  Yesterday they ate an entire box of Annie's Mac N Cheese for lunch.  They love that stuff.  Thank goodness BJs sells it by the 12 pack.

We might have to upgrade to the family size box for them when they get older...

I enjoyed a lovely salad for my lunch.  My mom made some yummy food while I was home and had TONS of yummy snacks for me to nibble on ALL DAY LONG but it feels so good to lighten things up a bit now that I'm home.  Today's combo included dried cranberries, slivered almonds, skinless rotisserie chicken and honey mustard atop field greens with a side of baby carrots. 

After lunch, and once the boys were down for their naps, I had a date with this guy...

I can't get over how messy my house can get when I'm not even home.  We had dirty feet from being inside all day yesterday.  NOT COOL!  No more dirty feet for us.  I managed to tackle the crumbs in my car as well while the boys were napping.  The mess in there was getting to me as well.  I'd say that's enough cleaning for the day...maybe I'll tackle the outside of the car during tomorrow's nap time...maybe not :-)

I'm hoping to get some thank you notes written and do my 10 minutes of core exercises while the boys are still sleeping.  Once the boys are up, my mission is to enjoy some fresh air until the sun goes down.  It's gorgeous out there and we need to take advantage of it.

I'm making spaghetti squash with chicken and marinara sauce tonight...YUM!


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