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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cool and Not Cool

Yesterday, after a morning at MOPS, we hit up Target for some diapers and apple juice.  They have a pretty good deal going on right now where if you buy two of the jumbo boxes of Pampers, you get a $20 Target gift card.  I had a couple of coupons too so I ended up scoring 292 diapers for about 15 cents a diaper, all discounts considered.  Cool, huh? It's a hard deal to beat...especially when you get a bonus toy in the form of a giant box along with your purchase...  The boys kept telling me it was "cool."  I guess I say that word too often.

They tried to figure out how to close themselves up in the box.  It was pretty cool stuff.

After that got old, Mason discovered the tape which he pretended was a snake while Colton practiced his high and low motions.  We do normally wear pants in our house but we had just changed diapers and they insisted on not putting their shorts back on and it wasn't worth the battle to me to put them back on.  Worse things have happened...

I had planned to get in some cardio on the elliptical at they gym after naptime but the boys hardly napped at all today, I had time to pay bills, fold some laundry, and do my devotion before they woke up with some seriously runny noses AGAIN.  I didn't think their noses would be appreciated at the gym's child care center, (in fact, we're pretty tired of tolerating them ourselves this winter) so we opted for some snuggles while watching Thomas the Train and turning trucks into trains...

before heading out for a quick little run in the fresh air which turned out to be much more eventful than I anticipated when at least 5 dogs came charging at us out of a house and a big white one nipped me in the leg.  I was not a happy camper but glad I was able to keep the boys safe.  I got progressively angrier as the night wore on and ended up filing a report with Animal Control.  I am by no means an animal hater, but people need to control their pets.  What if they would have nipped the boys??  Not cool!  They called today to let me know they found the dogs and owner.  The dog has been quarantined for 10 days and he's current on his rabies vaccine.  Thank goodness!

You know what else is not cool??  The neighbors' new building project in their back yard...

We don't live in a trailer park, people!!  Really?!?  An addition to the trailer that your son lives in in the back yard is RIDICULOUS!  Is that even legal?  Check out the rest of the neighborhood.  There's nothing that resembles that even a little bit.  

I called it a night early after making myself some yummy almond milk ice cream.  I'm addicted!  It's VERY cool stuff and I love the fact that it's only 60 calories for a GIANT bowl.

Today is produce day and I always like to make sure I get in my workout before the unpredictability of the rest of my day sets in.  I was feeling pretty unmotivated this morning, perhaps because of the dreary weather, and decided to skip my endurance reps workout and opted for some cardio on the elliptical with my kindle instead.  Maybe I'll feel more motivated this afternoon, but if not, there's always tomorrow.  I was actually a day ahead of schedule anyways.

I'm super excited about the brussels sprouts and berries in my produce share today.  YUM-O!

I'm going to try out this recipe for balsamic brussels sprouts tonight.  

The boys played so nicely with their trains while I got everything sorted which was a nice change of pace from their usual trying to help me but really getting in the way activities.    

Check out their new Thomas shirts compliments of Mimsy and Grandpa.  They are VERY proud of them.  Apparently Thomas the Train shirts are cool too.    

They got a kick out of pretending like they were leaving, just like all the people coming and going with their produce.  They kept telling me "bye" and closing themselves between the screen door and the front door.  Too cute!!

Here's to hoping the boys call it an early night tonight so I can catch up on my really "cool" shows-- The Bachelor and Parenthood--before calling it a night myself.  I have a feeling there will be some more almond milk ice cream consumed while I'm watching my shows.  YUM!

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