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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Gorgeous Day for Some Fun

It's Tuesday!!!!!!  That means Story Time and Music Class.  We had a blast at both today...thanks in part to this GORGEOUS weather we've been having.  We are so lucky to live in the sunshine state.

Today's featured books were...

The illustrations and rhymes in this one make in an outstanding book in my opinion.  There's just enough repetition to it too.  I HIGHLY recommend it for your toddlers.  Even though it's a little longer, it's interesting enough to keep their attention.

I think this one was a little advanced for many of the little guys in our group but my boys are learning to count and enjoyed it.  I had to breeze by some of the counting opportunities as I could see some kids losing interest.  I recommend it for ages 2 and up.  It's still a great one in my opinion...just maybe not my best pick for the audience this morning.

Miss Rabe was fantastic with our class, as always, this morning.

Drumming never gets old for Mason and Colton. 

Drum circles are always a big hit as well.

She was a good sport about letting kids throw balls at her.  

I see some guitar students in Miss Rabe's future.  They're like moths to a flame when she gets the guitar or the piano out.  LOVE it!  I had fun singing along myself today.  I miss my choir days.

The boys let me squeeze in a quick cardio session at the gym on our way home.  I did a slight variation of the Best Body Bootcamp plan, which did call for cardio today.  I started with 20 minutes on the stair climber--3 minute warm up followed by 30 seconds fast alternated with 30 seconds moderate.  I think I may be sore tomorrow!  I don't remember the last time I climbed over 100 flights of stairs.  I finished up with another 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I did a very random workout as I chatted with a friend.  It definitely helped pass the time.  

The boys' naptime has been nonstop for me--yard work including a serious weed attacking, yoga and core work with Fit2Be, dishes, dinner prepped, shower, blog...and now I hear the little boogers stirring. 

I'm looking forward to a fun playdate with friends before dinner and hopefully crashing on the couch after the boys are asleep to catch up on what I missed of the Bachelor last night.  I've been sucked into the reality TV this winter with the Biggest Loser and the Bachelor.  This non-tv-watcher is HOOKED!  Worse things have happened...

By the way, I've been loving my study of Luke by Good Morning Girls.  I'm hoping this daily devotional habit sticks around for a while.  It's definitely good for my soul.  If you haven't tried it, I recommend it.  

Happy Tuesday!

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