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Saturday, November 10, 2012


I went to a wonderful brunch this morning at church.  There were lots of fabulous women and plenty of yummy food, but I must say, the best part about it was the speaker who had some very insightful things I needed to hear.  I've had some pretty bumpy days over the last month and know I have some challenging months ahead, so to hear someone talk about changing my perspective was just what I needed.

She said there's 3 main areas we can look at when it comes to our perspective and being grateful for what we've been given:

  • Ourselves: She challenged us to ask ourselves if we were arguing with God if we're unhappy with certain aspects of our selves?  Did we not like his work?  She reminded us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Sometimes that's hard to remember, at least for me.  God made us just the way he wants us.  Our job is to be the best we can be with what he gives us, not to try to change what he made.
  • Our circumstances:  The first thing she reminded us to do was to pray about our circumstances.  Pray to have peace and dwell on the positives rather than finding the negatives.  She pointed out that when we share our prayer requests, we allow others the opportunity to see God do his thing. I had never thought about it that way.  
  • Our roles:  She reminded us to be faithful servants and remember that if we're not accepting of what God has given, then we will always be discontented, but if we can look at our roles with a servant's heart, being grateful for the opportunity and ready to take on our role to the best of our ability, contentment is possible.
I often pray for a change of attitude but I now realize I need to pray with gratitude as well.  I feel more content already.  We were all provided with a planner and instructed to write down at least one word each day that related to something we are grateful for.  Seems like a manageable task, much more manageable than committing to journaling every day.  Now if I can just remember to start doing it January 1...  Perhaps I should start practicing now.  

Today I am grateful for the boys' nap time.  After a no-nap day yesterday thanks to the jets, I am especially happy they are sleeping through the planes flying overhead today.  My busy boys need their rest.  What are you grateful for?  



  1. I am thankful for dear friends that help me feel needed, useful, appreciated.