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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fun-Packed Tuesday

I called it an early night again last night so I could with plans make it to the gym at 5 am this morning.  I walked in the doors at 5:02 feeling pretty happy with myself and ready to get my run on.  I could get used to these early mornings after a good night's sleep.  I churned out 4 miles on the treadmill doing some speed work intervals.  

I started out with half mile warm up (6.5 mph), then alternated 1/4 mile speed work (at 9 mph) with 1/4 mile recoveries (at 6.7 mph) and finished it up with a half mile cool-down.  I'll take running outside over a treadmill any day, but the treadmill is where it's at for me with speed work.  It really helps me to focus.  What a perfect start to my day...and that was just the beginning.

I returned home to a quiet house and had time to squeeze in an upper body workout with my husband went for a run since the boys were still sleeping.  Thanks boys!  I did this workout again...

And why not throw in some plank work as well?  You know me, I am always trying to tighten my core...3 minutes of planks rounded out the workout.

After a shower and a yummy breakfast (scrambled eggs with some leftover pizza...yum!) it was time to head to Story Time.  We had a great turn-out this morning.  I love seeing new faces each week.  Keep 'em coming!  I read one of my favorite board books this morning...

If you have little ones and haven't read this book yet, CHECK IT OUT!  We love all the "Little Blue Truck" books.  It has good rhymes, a GREAT message and my boys never tire of hearing it which earns it a permanent spot on our bookshelf.  

We also read Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton.  Her books are fantastic as well.  Another favorite of ours by her is The Belly Button Book.  My boys call their belly buttons bee boes thanks to that book.  So cute!

After story time it was off the the Family Place at the library.  The boys LOVE it there.  Check out today's highlights.  I especially enjoyed watching Mason try to get that little scooter thing to go as fast as it possibly could.  Go Speed Racer!

We made it home in time for lunch and a training session with a client/friend.  Busy Busy Busy!  Now I get a bit of a breather, thanks to nap time, before we take on the rest of the afternoon.  

I'm making chicken in a fig-wine sauce tonight with a side of roasted zucchini.  My mouth has been watering all day just thinking about it.  I hope mine looks as good as this does...

Found here
I also get to go to my Wine, I mean Book Club tonight.  I've missed those ladies.  Here's to hoping we pick a good book that's not too long or intimidating.  

Make it a great day!

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