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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Randomness

Today has not gone how I planned AT ALL but that has not stopped it from being a fantastic day and it's only halfway over.  I'm getting better at this bump and roll stuff!  My original plan was to take the boys in their stroller for the first long run of my training plan but the torrential downpours encouraged me to take my run to the treadmill at the gym.  It was a little more boring that way but I still got in my 7 mile run and was pleased with my ability to maintain an 8 minute mile pace and even threw some "hills" in there by playing with the incline to keep things interesting.  Week one of half-marathon training is in the books.  Bring on week 2!

Gonna try to beat my time of 56:36 next time I do a 7 miler.
After a quick stop at the bagel shop, I came home to whip up some egg sandwiches for us.  Gotta love a jalepeno cheddar bagel, scooped, with a laughing cow light cheese wedge, canadian bacon and a fried egg with an extra egg white thrown in.  It hit the spot.

After breakfast it had cleared up and we were able to take a quick family walk downtown and only got drizzled on a little bit on the way home.  I love getting outside for bike rides and walks with my family.

Instead of our orignal plan to take the boys to the fountains, we opted to hit up Brooks Day at Fleet Fee.  I scored 10% off my running shoes which they have to order since I have the biggest, flattest feet you've ever seen and I also scored a free pair of awesome running socks which I can't wait to try 
out...they look fast! 

I do have one question for Brooks though...Why do shoes for flat-footed people have to look like shoes my Grandma would pick out?  Just cause I have flat feet doesn't mean I wanna look like I'm wearing orthopedic shoes.   I mean look at these things...

I'm a decent runner and would love to look as stylish as all the other non-flat-footed runners out there. I want a pair of these...

Come on Brooks.  I know you've got the materials.  Now, lets make it happen! I can even be your spokesrunner   PLEEEEEEEASE!  I know being injury-free is better than looking "cool" but I'm tired of having the dorky shoes.  Help a girl out!

While I was waiting in the long line to score free socks and a discout on the best running shoes ever, Mickey took the boys to Michaels and found them these dinosaur puppets for $1.  He's my kind of shopper!  Look at Mason, he LOVES to wear that hat!  And Colton is such a lover.  LOVE them!

Target is practically next door to Fleet Feet so we couldn't skip stopping in there for some "necessities" like this wine cube.  Have you tried these things?  OMG!  It's the size of 4 bottles of wine for $15.99 and it is seriously delcious stuff.  If you haven't already, I suggest you check it out.  It keeps for over a month--I tested it and was genuinely impressed.   (I know it's hard to believe it lasted that long here...I did go out of town for part of the month, but I digress... )
We also picked up a goat cheese
and spinach pizza which might have been the best frozen pizza I've ever had in my life.  I love the grocery section of target...I love everything about Target.  We did really have some necessities to get as well other things to get as well but these were the real winners in my opinion.  Oh, and we scored some clearance organic mac n cheese.  Don't waste your time going to stock up yourselves, I took ever box that was left.  My boys are mac n cheese LOVERS!

While the pizza baked, I whipped up a recipe I found on Stuft Mama's blog for doughtzels.  Her recipe calls for powdered sugar, which I left out, and I also subbed oats for the almond flour.  They turned out deliciously!  Good thing we pay our wonderful babysitters with cookies so I can get most of these out of the house tonight before I eat them all.  They are basically peanut butter cookies with pretzels and chocolate chips.  YUM YUM YUM! 

I'm off to read my book and relax a bit before date night with my favorite man in the world.  Thanks to our awesome friends for babysitting so we can go out.  What would we do without them??  

Have a happy, dry weekend.  Don't forget to MOVE!

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