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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is It Winter Yet?

Is it winter yet?  I am SOOO over this heat.  This morning, while doing my usual routine of drinking coffee, checking e-mails, and checking facebook, I decided also to head over to my weather app and check the weather.  UGH, high of 94!  But it was only 79 degrees out there at 8:30 so I figured I'd get my run in right away.  I'm hard core enough for running in 80 degree weather, right?  I was in for a surprise...

My high hopes of logging at least 7 miles quickly faded as I stepped outside.  I almost immediately started mentally bargaining with myself..."Just keep moving for an hour; it doesn't matter if you run or walk, just log an hour on your feet."  "Just finish 4 miles."  "I'll settle for just 3 and then walk the rest of the way home."  It kept getting worse.  I must have missed my 3 mile alert because when the lady on MapMyRun announced I had hit the 4 mile mark, I was surprised, yet thought, "good enough; I'm over this!"  and decided to take a walk break.  I would have been totally ok with just walking the rest of the way home, but after a quick stop in the Y to refill my water bottle and the boys sippy cups, I came out with a renewed sense of energy.  Must have been seeing all those "lazy" people working out in the AC.  Just kidding!  After a few deep breaths in the AC, some cold water in my bottle, and a renewed spirit, I decided to see if I could make it just one more mile.  I surprised myself by being able to stick to my original plan of logging an hour on my feet and made it 6.5 miles in one hour and 36 seconds.  PHEW!

At the end of my run, I decided to check the weather again.  84 degrees...that's it???  Why did I feel like I was dying of heat exhaustion?  Maybe because of that little bit of information to the side of the temperature where it says "feels like."  I agree--it felt like it was AT LEAST 94 degrees...IN THE SHADE!  Yuck!  Too bad there was no cloud cover to be seen any where and palm trees provide very little shade when you really need it.  On the flip side, it was nice and clear, a welcome change after a couple of gloomy days.  

It was not my best run by any means and it might have been one of the hardest and hottest 6.5 miles of my life but I don't regret one minute of it.  It always seems better once it's over, right?  I definitely found some mental strength on my run but also learned I have got to log my miles earlier in the day or else settle for the dreaded treadmill. 

Off to the pool.  I earned it!  Tomorrow, that air-conditioned fitness center is calling my name, and I won't be too proud to give in to it. 

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