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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rammin' and Jammin'

I set out for my run this morning with every intention of coming right home and cranking out a chest and back workout while I was still sweaty but returning home post-run absolutely sweaty, a shower seemed like just the ticket, especially since I knew I had some free time this afternoon to squeeze in my muscle session.  I should have known how that would go, as it always seems to turn out the same when  I do that to myself...I kept on doing "just one more thing" before my workout and before I knew it, it was 5:00 and time to feed the kiddos.  I got them in their high chairs, with their dinner on their trays and decided to seize the moment.  I knew I had a maximum of 15 minutes before they were squirming to get down so an intense workout was just what I needed.  I decided to do the following exercises in a pseudo-pyramid fashion:
  • Bent over wide rows
  • Bent over narrow rows
  • Push-ups
  • Bench press on stability ball
  • Chest flyes on stability ball
The pyramid involved 10 sets of each exercise using the following number or reps, resting for 10 seconds between each set, except for between sets 9 and 10 when I rested for 30ish seconds:
  • set 1: 10 reps
  • set 2: 8 reps
  • set 3: 6 reps
  • set 4: 4 reps
  • set 5: 2 reps
  • set 6: 4 reps
  • set 7: 6 reps
  • set 8: 8 reps
  • set 9: 10 reps
  • set 10: as many as possible (usually ended up being about 12-15 for me)
I used 20 pound dumbbells (except for the push-ups) and felt like I had gotten a great workout by the time I was done.  Mission accomplished...just in time to clean the boys' mac n cheese remains from their fingers, faces, and of course, the floor.  Talk about a nice cool down :-) Life is good!

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