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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Power 90

My brother is in town this week and brought his Power 90 DVD with him. Today I checked it out to see what I thought of it and I also wanted to see how well the exercises would engage my core. I am certain I got a core workout along with the cardio (they call it sweat) workout. I feel like the muscle mind connection is finally starting to kick in between my mind and my core. I am doing a much better job on continuing to keep my navel pulled into my spine and my abs tight.

On Power 90, Tony, the guy who leads the workout, is kind of a dork, but I definitely got a good workout in and it was nice to change it up. Doing something different keeps your muscles guessing, which helps them to continue to get stronger, rather than getting stuck in a rut. I like the challenge of different exercises and recommend you check out Power 90 if you get a chance. It's a totally doable workout for any level.

Tomorrow's plan is a 3 mile run and strength training for my butt and legs. I'm looking forward to it.

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