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Friday, June 24, 2011

Music for Runs

Lately, I have been using some podcasts for my runs and they are really helping me to work on maintaining my pace for that day's run as well as keeping me energized during my run. The podcasts I have been using can be found at Many of them are free, which is a PLUS! They have music for several different paces and some intervals as well. They even have a mix for weight training. I have loved the Fitness magazine interval podcasts as well as many of the running ones. I downloaded fast ones for my short, quick runs and mellower ones for my long, steady jogs. Sometimes I even shuffle through them to create my own interval training. I think they're great! I do have to warn you that the music on these podcasts is very digital with strong beats so if you're like my husband and can't stand the "dance club music," these podcasts may not be for you. But if dance beats energize you and motivate you to get moving, I encourage you to try one out by downloading it to your Ipod or MP3 player for your next run to see if it benefits your workout as well. Happy running!

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