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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crab Walk

A magazine article in Marie Claire of all places reminded of this great childhood activity that can be used as exercise for us grown-ups. Your kids may even want to join in the fun and won't realize they're getting a work-out. You could even race them. From a seated position, push up like you're doing a reverse push-up so your back is pointing to the ground and you abs are facing the sky. Starting with your right leg and left hand, followed by your left leg and right hand, walk backward reaching as far behind you as possible. Try to go for a minute or so if you've got the space to do it. You might really get the neighbors wondering what you're up to if you do it down the sidewalk :-) It's great for targeting your triceps, glutes, back, calves, shoulders, and overall posture. Have fun!

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