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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family-Friendly Workout

Many people say they just don't have time for exercise due to family responsibilities. I think I might have found a solution that will allow you to workout and still tend to your family responsibilities if your kids are toddlers or older. This is a workout you can do at a park, in your neighborhood, or even in your backyard. Feel free to involve your kids. It's family friendly. Your kids can do these exercises with you, or keep track of how much you can do. They could be in charge or timing you or countin reps. You could even set up a friendly competition with them to see who can be the most successful with each exercise. Everyone involved will get a great workout and have fun. Here's the workout:

Warm up for 5 minutes, doing something easy like walking, biking, jogging in place, walking up and down stairs, etc. Try to gradually increase your intensity over the 5 minutes.

Stretch for a least 5 minutes. Be sure to get all your major muscle groups.

The next segment should be completed in intervals. You'll walk (or jog or go up and down steps, whatever you feel like doing) for 1 minute, then do the listed exercise for 30 seconds. The intensity for your walking portion should be easier than the listed exercise, you can even use part of it to catch your breath or get a drink if needed. You really want to get your heart rate up during the listed exercises, though. So try to go for the full 30 seconds at a difficult intensity. Be sure to have fun too, I have a feeling you might start feeling like a kid again doing the exercises. Good luck!

Jumping Jacks
Crab Walk
Push Ups
Walking lunges
Triceps dips
Hop on 1 foot, as high as possible on each hop
Hop on the other foot, as high as possible on each hop
Run in place with high knees
Run in place kicking your rear end
Do a low shuffle back and forth, really getting into your squat position

If you have time, go through the circuit 2 times.

Be sure to cool down by doing so light walking for 5 minutes as your heart rate returns to normal. Get in a good, deep stretch, again focusing on all your major muscles groups in your arms, legs, and core. Now go out and conquer your day. Make it great!

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