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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Better Day, A Killer Workout, and My Thankful Thursday

Between waking up with a headache, a late produce delivery which made us miss a play date, a husband who had to have skin cancer removed from his face,  as well as oversleeping and missing my morning workout which led and a run with the stroller that found us caught in the rain...

I think you'd agree yesterday didn't exactly go my way...such is life, right?  Enough complaining... There was a lot of good stuff that's just easier sometimes to focus on the negative.   I need to work on fixing that.

We did manage to squeeze in a trip to Target, which is always a welcome treat for me, and I can never seem to get out of there without at least one impulse buy.  Yesterday it was these bad boys...

...I know they're not "clean" foods, but they sure do make a delicious combo.  It was a rough morning and I can be an emotional eater, can you tell?!  Haha!

We also managed to find time to restock Mango's cat food supply.  As you know, a trip to the pet store isn't complete without checking out the mini zoo there...

We also made sure to get lots of guitar practice in both yesterday and today...

...future rock stars, I tell ya!!

Oh yeah, story time was pretty darn fantastic last night too.  It's definitely one of the highlights of my week.  

Thankfully today has gone much more smoothly...that's the way I like it.  It's days like yesterday that really help me to appreciate days like today and for that, I am grateful!  

This morning kicked off with a lovely, cool 6.5 mile run with my running buddy.  I don't know why I tortured myself with so many solo runs before figuring out a running buddy is a GOOD thing.   Those early morning runs get me up and motivated to tackle the rest of the day with gusto.  

We made eggs and pancakes for breakfast before heading off to enjoy the gorgeous day at the park...

...they're pros at this twirly climbing thing help required... 

...100% boy!

We spent the rest of our morning at home tackling laundry and vacuuming while the boys played.  While they napped, I prepped a lasagna, painted my nails, and squeezed in a at-home weights session since the gym has been out of the question the last couple of days thanks to a nagging cough the boys have.  Today's workout was a GREAT one!!

Not too shabby of a day if I do say so myself.   And in honor of Thankful Thursday and the fact that it's 10/10 (October 10), here's 10 things I'm thankful for right this second...

1.  Cooler morning weather
2. Homemade lasagna in the oven
3. My awesome boys who never cease to amaze me
4.  My hardworking husband
5.  My parents who are always thinking of the boys
6.  Music class which gives me so many great ideas of things to do at home with my boys
7.  My constant supply of organic produce thanks to Annie's Buying Club
8.  My running buddy
9.  My car, which was in the shop today leaving me without a car but its all fixed up again
10.  My place on the map -- I love that I get to live in Florida

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