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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let the Good Times Roll

The fun continues with Aunt Leah here this week.  We took the boys to Benihana for their super cheap happy hour eats.  I think we'll have to get them a california roll next time.  They really wanted to try the sushi.

These hats lasted about 5 seconds...oh well!

We've been doing a LOT of bike riding...

Leah and Mason

Mommy and Colton

I took my first Zumba class yesterday with Leah and my fellow MOPS moms.  It was FUN!  I think it's the only workout I've ever done where I was smiling ear to ear the entire time.  I think we should make it a regular part of MOPS for SURE!  While we were shaking our groove thing, the boys were apparently being AWESOME.  Check out their awards...

Apparently they were all about clean up time.  Love those boys!  Hope they never lose their love of tidiness.  It will go a long way in this household...and in life.   

During nap time, I got to get pampered with one of my twice yearly haircuts... I am terrible about staying on top of my hairstyles.   Sandie at Bangz is the BOMB!  She made my day yesterday with her kindness and generosity as well as her amazing styling skills.  I can't recommend her enough!!!

Last night I got to take Leah out for a night on the town.  We checked out Crush Wine Bar since she had never been and finished up with dinner at Carsons since no visit to Stuart is complete without a stop in there.  Lucky for us, we ran into lots of friends there...and some weirdos too.  Good times!

The scratchy throat I had yesterday has turned into a full-fledged cold today.  The 2 glasses of wine I drank last night probably didn't help me fight it.  I'm grateful I have Leah here to help me entertain the boys while I feel under the weather.  Hoping to rest up and nourish my body so I'm ready to go for girls night in tonight.  The lasagna is ready for baking.  

Off to get ready for produce day.  I'm especially excited about my artichokes, broccolini, mangos, and addition to all the other goodies.  YUM!  


  1. sorry to hear you aren't FEELING well...bummer

    I would like to do the co-op veggies rabe

  2. I'm happy Leah is there with you. Enjoy your time together. Try Ester-C to help get over your cold.