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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Day I've Been Waiting All Week For...

Happy Friday!  This is really the day I've been waiting all week for :-) Mickey took a half day so we get to celebrate our birthdays "for real."  He's taking us all to lunch and then we get a private date night thanks to our wonderful friends who are babysitting for us.  I am SO excited about this day!

We slept in a little later than usual this morning and enjoyed some family time at home before Mickey headed to work and the rest of us headed to Publix.  Gina made our day as usual by surprising the boys with some balloons.  We love that place!  They are such good little shoppers and I continue pray they stay that way.  I actually look forward to grocery shopping with them.

The balloons entertain us in the car as well as the store.  In fact we get almost a whole day out of them each week. Score!

After unloading the groceries we headed to the YMCA SportsWorld for an open gym thanks to the Family Place at the Library.  The boys had a BLAST!  We will definitely be looking into signing up for more.  The employees there are fantastic with the little ones.

On the way home, we passed Starbucks and I decided to use a gift card that's been burning a hole in my pocket to get chocolate milk for the boys and a salted caramel mocha frappuccino light for myself.  (Try saying that order 10 times fast.  Haha!)  They  I love their fall drinks!  It was actually the boys first chocolate milk and they loved it.  They were big so we've got leftovers sitting in the fridge for another treat tomorrow.  Yay!

Colton's first Starbucks

Mason's first Starbucks
I had time to squeeze in a workout while they're napping before we go to lunch.  Since today is a rest day from running, I stucks to weights and avoided any pounding movements.  It was short and sweet but hit all the major muscle groups which left me a happy camper.  Looks like I earned an extra glass of wine tonight :-)  Here's how my workout looked...

Now I'm just waiting for my kiddos to wake up so we can go to lunch.  I'm one of those people who always scopes out the menu online before I go to a restaurant.  I'm planning to get some oysters and a goat cheese salad.  YUMMY!  Hopefully it's a big enough lunch that I leave satisfied but light enough that I'm hungry again for some pasta on my date night tonight.  

While I've got your attention, check out some more pictures of my kiddos to hopefully make you smile today.

"Look Mom, I can use two spoons at once!"

Colton being Silly.

Cutie Pie Mason

Colton practicing reading on the potty.

Mason would rather put his foot in the potty than pee in it at this point.  
Do something to make yourself happy today.  You won't regret it!

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