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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Booster Seats, Sunrise Runs, Music Class and More...

Last night we crossed a big milestone for the boys...they transitioned from high chairs to booster seats.  Boy do they think they're big stuff now that they can sit at the big table.  How fun!

Our night was pretty uneventful besides that highlight.  We did have a yummy vegetarian dinner though.  It's the second time we've enjoyed it.  If you like cheesesteaks and you like mushrooms, I highly recommend the Portabello Cheesesteaks from Men's Health.  Mickey thinks they're delicious too.
Their picture, not mine.  Mine looked almost as good...

This morning the boys let me drink my coffee and read before they got up.  I even snuck in the bathroom for some alone time, but they wouldn't let me get out the door alone so I took my favorite running buddies along for the ride.  They're such good company and love to rock out to The Kingston with me.  Here they are at the summit...

Aren't they cute in their jammies?  It really was a beautiful morning for a run and I'll happily take them with me as long as they're willing to ride along.  We got in our 4 miles to satisfy the half-marathon training plan for the day.  It was a little slower than I hoped but I usually add time when I add the bridges. 

I hope my half-marathon training continues to be as enjoyable as it has been so far.  It is reinforcing my love of running.  I also love having a goal to work towards.  It's super-motivating! 

We had a yummy breakfast when we returned home, thanks to Mickey.  I forgot how much I love hummus on a sandwich.  Mickey put some on our egg sandwiches this morning and it was delish.  I'm glad I whipped some up yesterday using the Forks Over Knives recipe.  The only change I made was to add 2 tablespoons of Tahini.  I must say it's the best hummus I've ever made in my life.  Part of its success is owed to my awesome Ninja blender.  I know it's not a VitaMix but it's the next best thing and fit our budget much more easily.  I love that thing!  I'm so happy to be finding vegan recipes I like as I work toward becoming a plant-based eater.  Baby steps...  I think I'll be more successful if I already have some tried and true recipes to rely on.

Mason had fun with my running shoes while Mickey and I ate our breakfast.  Apparently someone thinks my shoes aren't as dorky as I thought...
After some play time at home and the usual morning chores.  It was time for music class.  The boys loved it even more this time than last time.  I really hope we can get them signed up for the fall semester.  I love that I get to learn some sign language and other tricks while I'm there too.  I can reinforce what she's teaching at home.  We all know I need all the help I can get...
Today, Colton was very intrigued with the guitar and the piano while Mason wanted to march to the beat of his own drum...or shaker.  He was very good at marching!

We came home in time to squeeze in a quick workout session with a friend and then devour a yummy lunch.  I'm running out of organic produce but had enough to make one more yummy salad today.  Guess we're headed to BJs this afternoon.  Their organic salad prices are UNBEATABLE!  I love buying the big tub of spinach too and throwing spinach into everything.  

The highlight of today's salad was definitely the wasabi peas.  I love the spicy crunch!  

Make it a great day.  Don't forget to move!

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