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Friday, December 9, 2011

10 minute cardio blast

The holidays can get pretty busy and finding time to fit in a workout can feel impossible but we've all got 10 minutes, right? When it comes to workouts, 10 minutes is better than nothing. Try this 10 minute routine I found in Shape magazine the next time you feel pressed for time. Not only will this workout energize and invigorate you, exercising will help to keep you healthier during the holidays and help you to handle the stresses that are inevitably going to be thrown your way. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I know it got my heart pumping this morning! Choose a heart-pumping activity, such as running, biking, jumping jacks, rollerblading, using the elliptical, whatever you have at your disposal and feel comfortable doing. For the next 10 minutes, do the following routine... 0-3 minutes: Warm up at a moderate pace 3-4 minutes: Sprint a.k.a. all out effort that leaves you out of breath 4-5 minutes: Recover at a moderate pace 5-7 minutes: Repeat minutes 3-5 7-7:30 minutes: Sprint 7:30-8 minutes: Recover at a monderate pace 8-8:15 minutes: Sprint 8:15-10 minutes: Recover at a moderate pace Now hit the shower and get back to your busy day feeling better about yourself and your commitment to a fit lifestyle.

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