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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Yoga-ish Move I Actually Enjoy

I have a love-hate relationship with yoga. I know it's good for me but I do not enjoy it one bit. I hate isomentric exercises but love how they make me stronger. I know I need to increase my flexibility and feel so much better after stretching, but hate actually doing the stretching. When I read about a down dog triceps push-up I thought, "now that's something I might like" and it turns out I do. Down dog is one of the yoga moves I am more comfortable with and it is one of the most basic moves of yoga. Rather than just holding that position, the move takes it up a notch by working an additional strengthing motion to it. The plus side to this for me is that I'm holding the down dog position, that isometric position I hate, but get to move a bit doing the tricpeps push-up which helps me kind of forget I'm stuck holding a postition. It helps me get through the move a little easier. Here's how to do the down dog triceps push-up.

Kneel on all fours wiht your forearms on the ground and parallel to each other. Strighten your legs and lift hips up, pressing your chest toward your thighs. Make sure you draw your navel in. While inhaling, press your palms into the ground as you straighten your arms a little bit and rotate your triceps outward, thus drawing your shoulder blades apart. Exhale at this point. Continue pressing up into a full down dog with your arms straight and your body in an upside-down V. Inhale again. Then, slowly lower your elbows to the ground. Try to do 10 reps.

You should feel this move working your triceps, shoulders and abs--a great multi-muscle exercise.

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